A George Steiner J. C. Powys Bibliography

Compiled by Chris Thomas

A Bibliography of Books, Articles and Reviews in which Professor George Steiner cites or discusses JCP.

  • Tolstoy or Dostoevsky, 1959 - discusses JCP’s book Dostoievsky
  • Times Literary Supplement, 13 October 1961 – Exchanges between Continents: Europe and the American Audience - editorial with reference to JCP as an important modern English novelist
  • Encounter, May 1962 – brief reference to JCP as a novelist in an essay on F R Leavis
  • BBC Welsh Home Service, 9 October 1962 – contribution to a tribute to JCP on the occasion of his 90th birthday
  • Sunday Times, 23 June 1963 – The Titan of Blaenau Ffestiniog - obituary of JCP
  • Sunday Times, 1 December 1963 – review of Weymouth Sands
  • Sunday Times, 14 March 1965 – review of Wilson Knight’s Saturnian Quest
  • Language and Silence, Essays on Language, Literature and the Inhuman, 1967 – includes discussion of F R Leavis’s failure to extend the reach of his criticism to JCP
  • Sunday Times, 24 May 1968 – review of James Purdy’s novel Eustace Chisholm and the Works with a note on JCP
  • Sunday Times, 9 December 1973 – Neglected Giant – an article on JCP
  • Times Literary Supplement, 15 February 1974 – letter to the editor about JCP’s literary reputation and the struggle to achieve recognition for his work
  • Times Literary Supplement, 16 May 1975 – The Problem of Powys - a long review of JCP’s Letters to Iorwerth C Peate, 1937-1954, published by University of Wales Press in 1974. Steiner’s review includes a generous tribute to Wilson Knight — ‘noblest of our critics’ — and includes many valuable insights into JCP’s novels as well as a discussion of various disagreements in the critical judgement of JCP’s work.
    'To some’, Steiner says, ‘Powys is, beyond any question, a genius, a teacher of moral and philosophic values unique in the modern context’. Steiner points to JCP’s weaknesses – he could be ‘garrulous, self-indulgent and rhetorical’ but his praise for JCP’s novels is intense – he calls Wolf Solent ‘one of the very great novels in the language’ and says of Porius that ‘it is a novel one attempts, retreats from, returns to with a deepening sense of magic and authority.’
  • After Babel: Aspects of Language and Translation, 1975 – reference to JCP in ‘the first rank of English writers’.
  • On Difficulty and Other Essays, 1978 – includes discussion of JCP’s treatment of eroticism in relation to economic and class conflicts
  • No Passion Spent, Essays 1978-1996, 1996 – briefly references JCP’s vitality
  • My Unwritten Books, 2008 – cites briefly JCP’s endowment of erotic self-address