W.J. Keith’s Readers Companions

W.J. Keith's four Reader's Companions to major works of John Cowper Powys give background information — on JCP’s life, mythological references, historical background — in handy alphabetically arranged guides. These serve as helpful guides to a first reader of a complex novel such as Porius unfamiliar with Welsh mythology, and essential reference books for those re-reading John Cowper Powys’s major works.

John Cowper Powys and Magic

JCP and Magic (Part 1) has been reformatted specially for this website from a less-than-perfect pdf of la lettre powysienne 26 (Autumn 2013). Keith presents this essay as a supplement to his book Ultimate Things: magic being an allied subject to religion and mythology, and space not permitting its inclusion there. Part 1 is presented here, Part 2 is available in la lettre powysienne 27 (Spring 2014).