The Powys Society Conference 2022

The Wessex Hotel, Street, Nr Glastonbury, 12-14 August 2022

We are very pleased to announce that arrangements are now in place to hold a conference in person in 2022 when we will celebrate, at a special event, the publication, in 2021, of the deleted chapters of Wolf Solent. Morine Krissdóttir has accepted an invitation to give a talk about her role in the restoration of these chapters. We are also very pleased that Adrian Gattenhof and Peter Brittain, our benefactors in Australia, expect to participate in the conference.

Please note some details of the programme may change as we are still at an early stage planning the conference. Full details including the final programme, information about speakers, lectures and how to reserve a conference place will appear in the March 2022 Newsletter. Our website will give updated information.

Confirmed speakers so far include Louise de Bruin who will speak about her personal memories of Katie Powys and other members of the Powys family, Michael Grenfell (emeritus professor Southampton University) will give a lecture on JCP and William Blake, Felix Taylor (who recently gained his DPhil at Oxford with a dissertation that included chapters on JCP) will give a talk on JCP and the Mabinogion.

On our free Saturday afternoon we propose an organised walk in Montacute to St. Michael’s Hill with its imposing circular Tower built on the site of a Norman castle, surrounded by ash, oak and beech trees, proceeding to Hedgecock Hill woods, and Ham Hill where our suggested route joins the Leland Trail and from where there are panoramic views of the Somerset Moors, Exmoor and the Mendips. Alternatively, conference goers may wish to spend the afternoon on a leisurely walk around Montacute visiting places evoked by Llewelyn in his essays and by JCP in his first novel Wood and Stone.

On the Saturday evening we are planning to combine a reading of selected poems and other writings by Katie Powys with an informal reception celebrating JCP’s 150th birthday (anticipating 8 October 2022). The book room will be open as usual (with more books from recent donations and legacies).

The Powys Society AGM will take place, immediately after breakfast, on Sunday 14 August 2022. To conclude the conference, following the AGM, we will mark the publication of the Supplement to the Powys Journal Vol. XXXI, 2021, at a special event, which will include a talk by Morine Krissdóttir about her work on the deleted chapters of Wolf Solent followed by a panel discussion with members, and a talk by Charles Lock on these deleted chapters.

Chris Thomas, Hon Secretary

Our Conference Organisers: Anna Rosic (l) and Louise de Bruin (r)
look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Anna Rosic & Louise De Bruin (powys conference organisers)