The Powys Society Conference 2022

Announcement and details to follow!

We hope to return to our much loved conference venue for our next conference — The Wessex Hotel, Street, Nr Glastonbury, 12-14 August 2022

Glastonbury is surrounded by four hills with potent mythological and legendary associations. St. Edmund’s Hill, Chalice Hill, Wirral Hill and the Tor all feature prominently in A Glastonbury Romance and can all be easily reached from our conference venue. St. Edmund’s Hill may once have been a prehistoric solar or lunar observatory but is now covered by a modern housing estate. In a key passage in A Glastonbury Romance Mr Evans sits on a heap of turnips in Edmund Hill Lane and obtains knowledge of the double natured First Cause. Chalice Hill overlooks the mythical burial place of the Holy Grail. As we discovered during previous conferences in Street, Wirral Hill offers visitors an excellent vantage point for a view of Glastonbury, the Abbey ruins, the Tor, the Somerset levels, and the surrounding landscape of Insula Pomorum. But the Holy Thorn on Wirral Hill, which John Crow in A Glastonbury Romance thinks is ‘the queerest dead tree I’ve ever seen’ has now been removed leaving only a remnant of its damaged trunk. The Tor however remains a safe haven for an abundance of flora and fauna including butterflies, wildflowers, skylarks, swallows, swifts, badgers, rabbits and foxes and also offers panoramic views of the Avalonian landscape.

Chris Thomas, Hon Secretary

Our Conference Organisers: Anna Rosic (l) and Louise de Bruin (r)
look forward to seeing you in 2022!

anna pawelko & louise de bruin (powys conference organisers)