About The Powys Society

Registered Charity no. 801332

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Contact / Address

Chris Thomas (Hon. Secretary)
87 Ledbury Road
London W11 2AG

Email: chris.d.thomas@hotmail.co.uk

President: Timothy Hyman

Honorary Officers

  • Chair: Paul Cheshire
  • Vice-Chair: David Goodway
  • Hon. Secretary: Chris Thomas
  • Acting Hon. Treasurer: Paul Cheshire

The Committee

  • Nicholas Birns — Official Representative of the Powys Society in North America & Hon. Committee Member
  • Marcel Bradbury
  • Louise de Bruin
  • Dawn Collins
  • Marcella Henderson-Peal — Official Representative of the Powys Society in France, & Hon. Committee Member
  • Kate Kavanagh — Editor, Newsletter
  • Charles Lock — Associate Editor, The Powys Journal
  • Patrick Quigley
  • Anna Rosic — co-opted member
  • Kevin Taylor — Editor, The Powys Journal

About the Society

The Society attracts enthusiastic general readers and academics from all over the world. It welcomes everyone interested in learning more about this extraordinary family. The Powys family and their friends constitute an unusually wide-ranging spectrum of social, literary and imaginative interests. The founding of the Society between 1967 and 1969 reflected a feeling among Powys admirers and friends that the special quality of the Powyses writings, particularly those of John Cowper, Theodore, and Llewelyn, should be celebrated and made more widely known ‘through promotion of the reading and discussion of their works’. The Society publishes a substantial journal and three newsletters a year, books by and about the Powyses, and is developing a vigorous social media presence. In addition it organises an annual conference, occasional meetings, exhibitions and walks in areas associated with the Powys family. Among the many distinguished speakers who have addressed the Society are G. Wilson Knight, Angus Wilson and Glen Cavaliero. In addition we have heard from George Steiner, John Bayley, Iris Murdoch, Colin Wilson, Iain Sinclair, John Gray, A.N.Wilson, Chris Woodhead and Margaret Drabble.