Powys Notes

Biannual Journal Published by the Powys Society of North America 1985 to 2002

We are delighted to offer the entire run of Powys Notes online thus making freely available this hard-to-obtain scholarship.

The Powys Society of North America

The PSNA is no longer active as an independent society: Nicholas Birns is the current representative of the Powys Society in North America. See contacts.

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1985–1990 Edited by Denis Lane

1.1. Spring 1985 — open PDF

From the President, Ben Jones; Minutes on the formation of PSNA
Of Wolf Solent: Ancient and Modern
A Greymitre — Brazenhead connection
Two Entirely New Titles by John Cowper Powys
Theodore Francis Powys
Of Note
Announcement of Inaugural PSNA Conference June 7–9 1985, Colgate University

1.2. Fall 1985 — open PDF

Conference Issue
Full report on June 7–9 PSNA Conference.

2.1. Spring 1986 — open PDF

Thomas Southwick reviews John Cowper Powys, Three Fantasies (Carcanet, 1985)
Peter Glenn Christensen reviews John Cowper Powys, Paddock Calls (Greymitre, 1984)
Charles Lock’s unpublished letter to the New York Review of Books responding to John Bayley’s review of Wolf Solent and Weymouth Sands
List of Members
Announcement of second annual Powys Society (of N. America) Conference, Glendon College, Toronto, 6–8 June 1986
Editor’s Notes

2.2. Fall 1986 — open PDF

W.J. Keith, John Cowper Powys and the Regional Tradition
Anthony Low reviews H.W. Fawkner, The Ecstatic World of John Cowper Powys
Abstracts of Papers given at the Toronto Conference 6-8 June 1986
Publishing and Membership News

3.1. Spring 1987 — open PDF

John A. Brebner on John Cowper Powys and Francis Stuart
J. Lawrence Mitchell reviews Marius Buning’s T.F. Powys: A Modern Allegorist
A. Thomas Southwick on Vladimir Nabokov and John Cowper Powys
Denis Lane on The Poetry of Place by Jeremy Hooker
Editor’s Notes

3.2. Fall 1987 — open PDF

Arnd Bohm on Wolf Solent as an Anatomy of History
H.W. Fawkner reviews The Diary of John Cowper Powys, 1930, ed. Frederick Davies, Greymitre Books, 1987
W.J. Keith reviews Horned Poppies, a collection of previously unpublished poems by John Cowper Powys
Editor’s Notes, including announcement of the 1988 conference of the PSNA

4.1. Spring 1988 — open PDF

John Cowper Powys’s 1959 appraisal of Malcolm, James Purdy's newly-reissued novel
Michael Ballin on the Parallel Visions of John Cowper Powys and G. Wilson Knight
Ben Jones provides details of the forthcoming Ottawa conference of the PSNA
Reprint; an ethicist’s view of The Meaning of Culture
Editor’s Notes including ‘Kenneth Hopkins: An Obituary’ by Glen Cavaliero
Sterling Dean: Selected Powys Books from the Watson Library.

4.2 Fall 1988 — open PDF

Llewelyn Powys: Thomas Hardy
John Cowper Powys: Thomas Hardy and his Times
Richard Maxwell: Time and Chance in Porius
Charles Lock: Tracing the Line: A Review of Peter Casagrande, Hardy’s Influence on the Modern Novel
Robert Crozier: The Old Ways and the Encroaching New: A Review of W.J. Keith, Regions of the Imagination
Editor’s Notes

5.1. Spring 1989 — open PDF

Ben Jones: Powys’s Allen Story: Travelling, Speaking, Writing
A. Thomas Southwick: “The People we have Been”: Notes of Childhood in Powys’s Autobiography
Hildegarde Lasell Watson: Friendships: John Cowper Powys, Llewelyn Powys, and Alyse Gregory
Charles Lock: To Turn and Re-turn: A Review of Mary Casey, The Kingfisher’s Wing
Editor’s notes

5.2. Fall 1989 — open PDF

Marius Buning: Theodore F. Powys via Meister Eckhart
Bruce R.S. Litte: The Quest for God in the Fiction of T.F. Powys
Llewelyn Powys: A Letter on Style
Charles Lock on Judith Stinton, Chaldon Herring: The Powys Circle in a Dorset Village.
Michael Ballin on James P. Carley, Glastonbury Abbey: the Holy House at the Head of the Moors Adventurous.
Arnd Bohm on Benjamin Stassen, ed., Plein Chant 42/43: John Cowper Powys.
Editor’s Notes

6.1. Spring 1990 — open PDF

Linda Pashka: Powys’s Punch and Judy Show, Weymouth Sands and Misogyny
Peter G Christensen: The Idea of the Feminine in John Cowper Powys’s A Glastonbury Romance
John Cowper Powys: A Modern Mystery Play
Richard Maxwell review: A Re-Discovery: Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Summer Will Show,
Editor’s Notes

6.2. Fall 1990 — open PDF

Michael Ballin: Porius and the Feminine
Richard Maxwell: Talk, Detail and Action, An Introduction to Atlantis
W.J. Keith: Restoring Maiden Castle, a review article
Anne Barbeau Gardiner review: T.F. Powys and the Divine  Presence – T.F. Powys’s Father Adam
Editor’s Notes

1991-1997 — Edited by Richard Maxwell

7.1. Spring and Summer 1991 — open PDF

Ben Jones: Exile and Presences, Powys’s Nihilism
John Cowper Powys: The American Scene and Character
Glen Cavaliero: Powys Modernist
Denis Lane: Powys Progressive

7.2. Fall and Winter 1992 — open PDF

Wilbur T. Albrecht: Editing Porius
Michael Ballin: “A Certain Combination of Realism and Magic”: Notes on the Publishing History of Porius

8.1 & 2. 1992, A Double Issue — (follow links to articles below)

Constance Harsh: John Cowper Powys at the Iris Club
Nicholas Birns:“A Peculiar Blending”: Powys’s Anglo American Synthesis in A Glastonbury Romance and the Autobiography
Ian Duncan: The Mythology of Escape: Owen Glendower and the Failure of Historical Romance
Peter Powys Grey, Ben Jones, and Michael Ballin: Powys and America, A Panel Discussion (From the May 1992 PSNA Conference)
Notes on this Issue, with a tribute to Peter Powys Grey and a call for papers on Powys’s career as a lecturer; Observations Social and Bibliographic , including communications from Constance Harsh (on Powys Notes and the MLA), Michael Ballin (on Wilfrid Laurier’s acquisition of the Brebner collection), Sven Erik Täckmark (on Powys in Scandinavia), Janina Nordius (on the Powys issue of Studiekamraten), and Patricia Vaughan Dawson (on her Powys-associated works of art).

9.1. Fall 1993 and Winter 1994 — open PDF

Peter G Christiansen: John Cowper Powys and William James on Religious Faith
Charles Lock: A Fulltime Occupation
Marius Buning: Gestures of God
William Olmsted: Voltairean Cadences...Powysian Phantasmagoria
Charles Lock: Peter Powys Grey, an Obituary

9.2. Fall 1994 and Winter 1995 — open PDF

A Special issue on the Canadian lecture tours of John Cowper Powys
Robin Patterson: John Cowper Powys’s Canadian lecture tours

10.1. Fall and Winter 1995 — open PDF

A Symposium on the new Colgate Porius
Timothy Hyman: “Porius: tired thoughts like stones...”
Ian Duncan: The Art of Sinking
Janina Nordius: Porius: Another Story
Harald Fawkner: Exteriority in Porius
Charles Lock: On the new Porius
A Question or Two about the Text of Porius
Observations Bibliographic and Social

10.2. Fall and Winter 1996 — open PDF

Gregory D. Alles: Aether and Ocean: Two Uses of Homer after the Empire
Constance Harsh: Letters from John Cowper Powys to Merlin Wolcott at Colgate University
Book Reviews
Observations Bibliographic and Social

11.1. Spring 1997 — open PDF

Denis Lane: “The Circuitous Outward”: Natural Mythology in John Cowper Powys’s Owen Glendower
Christine Bilodeau: The Great Mother: The “Divine Feminine” in Powys’s A Glastonbury Romance
Richard Maxwell reviews Glen Cavaliero, The Supernatural in English Fiction
Observations Bibliographic and Social
A Powys Collection For Sale

1998-2002 — Edited by Nicholas Birns

11.2. Winter 1998 — open PDF

W.J. Keith: Dismantling the Nineteenth Century Novel: J C Powys’s Wood and Stone
Charles Lock: Porius: A Week Without History, A Word Without Sense
Joe Boulter: Subversions of the Celtic in John Cowper Powys’s Porius
Michael Ballin: Extraordinary Musings of a Plain Man

12.1. Summer 1998 — open PDF

Peter G. Christensen: Between Myth and History: Problems in the Sacrifice Theme in Owen Glendower
Robin Wood: Romance and Realism in John Cowper Powys’s Owen Glendower
Constance Harsh on Elusive America by John Cowper Powys
Jacqueline Peltier on The Mystic Leeway by Frances Gregg
Greg Bond on The Sixpenny Strumpet by Theodore Francis Powys
Notes and Comments

12.2. Spring 1999 — open PDF

H.W. Fawkner: Movement Without World: Phenomenological Remarks on the Opening Chapter of A Glastonbury Romance
Glen Cavaliero on Herbert Williams, John Cowper Powys
W.J. Keith on the 1998 UK Powys Society Conference
J.P. Couch on Janina Nordius, Solitude and Transcendence in John Cowper Powys
Greg Bond: How I met the Powys Brothers
Paul Wiener: Song of the Hermit Thrush
Notes and Comments

13.1 & 2. Spring 2000 — open PDF

J.P. Couch: John Cowper Powys’s A Glastonbury Romance: A Phenomenological Vision of the Flood
Frank Warren: Llewelyn Powys in Dorset: A Rediscovered Writer for the New Millennium
A Letter from John Powell Ward, editor Borderlines Series, Seren Press
Brief Reviews of current books on the Powyses
Nicholas Birns: Yellow Bracken: Meditations on Gerda, Wolf, and ‘Mythologies’
Jacqueline Peltier: Alyse Gregory and The Dial
Another Note on ‘Welshness’

14.1 & 2. March 2002 — open PDF

Barbara Ozieblo: Love and Disappointment: Gamel Woolsey’s unpublished novel Patterns on the Sand
Brian Glavey: Novel Personalities: Epistemology and the Aesthetic of Personality in A Glastonbury Romance
Patrick Couch: Love’s Labour Lost: John Cowper Powys’s Phenomenology of Agape
Peter Foss: Tackling the Furka