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The Powys Society's Newsletter is published three times a year (March, July and November)  and is packed with news, information, reviews, details of forthcoming publications and events, previously unpublished Powys letters, extracts from Powys journals and much more besides. A delightful range of photographs, book jacket images and illustrations embellish its pages. Edited by Kate Kavanagh who is always pleased to receive news and short articles. You can contact Kate here: cewkavanagh@btinternet.com

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the powys society newsletter 95
The Powys Society Newsletter No. 95 (Nov. 2018)

powys society newsletter 94 (july 2018)

The Powys Society Newsletter No. 94 (July 2018)
(48 pages)

powys society newsletter 93 (march 2018)
March 2018: The Powys Society Newsletter No. 93
(48 pages)

powys society newsletter 91, the powys society (2017)
July 2017: The Powys Society Newsletter No. 91

powys society newsletter 90 (march 2017)
The Powys Society Newsletter No. 90 (March 2017)

The Powys Society Newsletter No. 88 (July 2016)
Newsletter 89 (52 pages) Contents
powys society newsletter 89 front cover
Powys Society Newsletter 89
front cover

The Conference 2016

DVDs of Conference Talks

AGM and Hon. Secretary’s report

Meeting in London, December 3rd

‘My Conference’: Kevin Taylor,
Robin Hickey, Rampaul Chamba,
Marcel Bradbury

Jung’s Glastonbury Romance

The Llewelyn Birthday Walk 2016

News and Notes

Review: Michael Kowalewski on

Zouheir Jamoussi’s Theodore Powys’s
Gods and Demons

Review: Arjen Mulder on Llewelyn
Powys: Recalled to Life,
A Consumptive’s Diary, 1911

Julia Mathews: Childhood Memories

of T.F. Powys in Mappowder

Inscriptions and Dedications

Ron Hall: Introduction and
John Cowper Powys’s letters 
powys society newsletter 89 back cover
Powys Society Newsletter 89
back cover
To those of us who came on the Powys scene in the early 1970s with Jeff Kwintner’s Village Press, Ron(ald) Hall is a familiar name. Ron (1929-1985) left two heartfelt tributes to JCP’s effect on his life, one the introduction to JCP’s letters to Henry Miller in the 1975 Village edition, and another to the unpublished letters from JCP to his young self, some of which are in this Newsletter.
   The chief publishing event of the Powys year has been Recalled to Life, the fifth and most substantial of Llewelyn Powys’s diaries edited by Peter Foss, whose conference talk filled in the background to 1911. Arjen Mulder also takes a personal view of Llewelyn in Switzerland. The customary LlP Birthday Walk took place at East Chaldon (this year simultaneously with the conference). JCP as so often dominated the talks, but Michael Kowalewski discusses a Tunisian study of Theodore Powys, who is also recalled by Julia Mathews in her childhood memories of Mappowder. Chris Thomas tracks interesting leads and connections, from Jung at Chalice Well to Van Gogh’s boots, and charts the wealth of revealing inscriptions on the flyleaves of Powys books.
            Kate Kavanagh
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The Powys Society Newsletter No. 88 (July 2016)

powys society newsletter number 88
December Meeting
Chairman’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
AGM 2016
Committee Nominations
The Powys Conference, 2016
Recalled to Life, LlP’s 1911 Diary
Charles Lock, Geoffrey Hill and JCP: A Tribute
Maiden Castle at Ely Meeting

Powys Day, Dorset County Museum
Notes and News
Alliance of Literary Societies
Kevin Taylor, This is Norfolk
A Tale of a Postcard
Mike Smith, A dissertation revisited
Gift of Correspondence
Frederick Davies,
A Letter to Colin Wilson
Review, by Geoffrey Winch
Jerry Bird, JCP’s A Glastonbury Romance

Available to all Society members.
(A digital edition of this issue is available to read on The Newsletter webpage here)

Further digital back issues of the Society's Newsletter will be added in due course.

The Powys Society Newsletter No. 87 (March 2016)

powys society newsletter 87 (march 2016)


Two Powys Days

Rothesay House, Dorchester
A G M Committee Nominations
Conference 2016
Obituary: Joan Stevens
Notes & News
Gamel Woolsey ‘Spanish Fairy Stories’
T.F. Powys and Satyajit Ray
Earth Memories original cover


Phyllis Playter, Teenage Author

When David met Phyllis
‘Shakespeare’s Fairies’, by LlP
Shakespeare, by J. C. Powys
Maria Popova, ‘Brainpickings’
Earth Memories – A Response
by Anthony Head
Powyses in Patchin Place
All those Littleton Powyses

the powys society  newsletter 85

The Powys Society Newsletter No.85

Includes: reports on the Montacute & Dochester Powys Days plus Charles Beauclerk's lecture on The Art of Happiness in Sherborne; reviews of Llewelyn Powys's The Conqueror Worm and the new version of Earth Memories; John Cowper Powys on Wordsworth and The Illiad; Philippa Powys's diary, 1903-4; The Essays of Llewelyn Powys by Stephen Powys Marks; articles by W.J. Keith & Patrick Quigley; obituary notices for David Gervais; News & Notes and much more.

alyse gregory

The Powys Society NEWSLETTER No. 84
Late March 2015 publication (available now)
(The front cover features a portrait of Alyse Gregory as “Pandora” by Chester Hayes, Paris 1900.)
Contents: will contain reports on the London meeting in December, and previews of two more at Montacute (April 25th) on JCP's Wood and Stone, and Dorchester (June 20th) on Powys and Wordsworth; details of the 2015 Conference at Llangollen (August 21-23 speakers include John Gray, Nic Birns and Robert Caserio from America, Kathy Roscoe and Chris Thomas); new books (The Conqueror Worm, Llewelyn's 1910 "Consumptive's Diary", edited by Peter Foss;  Llewelyn Powys, the Man behind the Myth by Neil Lee); three Powys views of the Book of Genesis; Miklos Szentkurthy and JCP; Iain Sinclair on JCP; JCP lecturing in Wales in April 1940; and Caroline Powys's visit to Stonehenge in 1759.

the powys society, newsletter 83

The Powys Society NEWSLETTER No. 83
November 2014 publication

Contents: The 2014 Conference, The London and Dorchester Powys Days, Visit to Wyke Manor, G.R. Wilson Knight, JCP's winning English essay, Llewelyn's 130th Birthday Party, Tribute to JCP by Henry Miller, Proteus & the Magician review, JCP & Eric Barker, News & Notes, The Crowcombe connection, Answering a mobile by Peter Foss, Klinton Top, Llewelyn Powys the man behind the myth, Powys & Purdy review, A Chronology for Louis  Wilkinson, Musical Inspiration by JCP, The Powys Society Collection.

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