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The Powys Review

An Important Corpus of Record and Scholarship

The Powys Review contains an important corpus of record and scholarship relating to the Powys family and the work of its members and related subjects, ably gathered together by its Editor Belinda Humfrey, formerly head of the Department of English, University of Wales, Lampeter. The first number was issued to members of the Society in 1977. The first four numbers were published by the Society itself, then when the Society felt itself unable to continue, Belinda undertook to act as publisher as well as Editor, the Society purchasing copies from her for its members, which were then sent out by her. In all 26 volumes were published by or on behalf of the Society under this arrangement for the 14 years to 1990.

After much deliberation, the Society decided to publish its own learned journal. The first issue of The Powys Journal, to be published annually, was issued in 1991. Meanwhile, Belinda Humfrey continued to publish occasional volumes of The Powys Review:: three have appeared since 1990: 27/28 for 1992/93; 29/30, no date [1995]; and 31/32, no date [1997].


In 1992, the Society published an Index to the volumes which were issued to its members, 1 to 26 (see Our Publications). This contains six sections: four, covering John Cowper Powys, Theodore Francis Powys, Llewelyn Powys, and General Index, comprise the all-important subject-index; contributors are listed in the fifth section, and the sixth covers the many reviews which have not found a place in one of the earlier headings. The Index contains a list of the principal contents, which appears below.

Complete sets of volumes 1-26 are available from the Society (see the publications order form ), while later volumes are available from Belinda Humfrey.

Stephen Powys Marks has kindly prepared the following list of the principal contents of volumes 1-26, which is immediately followed by the contents of the later volumes not published for the Society:

The Powys Review

Principal Contents of Volumes 1-26

Volume 1 (Spring 1977) ::: George Steiner: The Difficulties of Reading JCP ~Angus Wilson: JCP as Novelist ~G. Wilson Knight: JCP as Humorist

Volume 2 (Winter 1977) ::: Luckett: Aspects of  TFP's Language ~Roulstone: Llewelyn Powys ~Jones: Moral and Textual Problems in Wolf Solent ~Diffey: JCP and Philosophy ~Hyman: The Religion of a Sceptic ~Cavaliero: D. H. Lawrence and JCP ~Allen: The real Mynydd-y-Gaer ~Wilkinson: JCP in Love ~JCP in America to TFP, Letters 1923­29

Volume 3 (Summer 1978) ::: TFP's Foreword to Sylvia Townsend Warner's A Moral Ending, 1931 ~TFP: Hast Thou Found Honey; Harlot Honey; The Scapegoat ~Riley: TFP at Mappowder ~Toft: Atlantis ~Taplin: "No Man's Girl" and Other Borrowings ~Dennis: JCP's Place as a Literary Critic ~Humphreys: Arnold in Wonderland ~JCP's Inscriptions to Elsa Vaudrey ~JCP to TFP, Some Letters from Wales ~JCP: The Real and the Ideal ‹ Manning: Alyse Gregory

Volume 4 (Winter/Spring 1978/1979) ::: TFP: No Wine ~Cavaliero: TFP in Dorset ~Llewelyn Powys: Conversations with Theodore, 1931 ~Casey: Three Christian Brothers ~Hyman: JCP and Religion ~Turner: Life Illusion and Stupid Being ~Easingwood: JCP and the Pleasures of Literature ~Hooker: TFP: "The Bass Note" ~Hamilton: TFP and the Bible ~Dawson: The Brazen Head Sculptures and Etchings ~Tilson: JCP and Kenneth Hopkins ~Thomas: Obstinate Cymric ~Schenkel: JCP: The Literary Reception in Germany

Volume 5 ((Summer 1979) ::: Cavaliero: Sylvia Townsend Warner ~Sylvia Townsend Warner: Theodore Powys and Some Friends at East Chaldon, 1922­27 ~Coombes: Mr. Taskers's Gods ~Branford: The Early Fiction of TFP and Kate Roberts ~Pouillard: TFP and the Theatre ~Coates: Gerda and Christie ~Lock: "'Multiverse' Š language which makes language impossible" ~Knight: Preface to Ichiro Hara's Translation of Mortal Strife ~Diffey: Poems for JCP ~Dyer: William Powys

Volume 6 (Winter/Spring 1979/1980) ::: Easingwood: JCP and America ~Tjader: JCP and Theodore Dreiser ~Bryson: JCP as a Critic of Dreiser's Fiction ~JCP: Four Essays on Dreiser ~JCP: Elusive America: Farewell to America ~Lukacher: Wolf Solent's Metaphoric Legends ~Clemo: Mappowder Revisited ~Foss: Llewelyn Powys

Volume 7 (Winter 1980) ::: Cavaliero: Mary Casey ~Mary Casey: Poems for her uncles and aunts ~Hentschel: JCP in Two World Wars ~Hara: JCP and Zen ~Hill: JCP and the Chuang-Tse Legacy ~JCP: The Philosopher Kwang ~Hughes: Fact and Fiction in Wolf Solent ~JCP: Wolf Solent, Letter to Llewelyn ~Warner: East Chaldon & TFP ~Cavaliero: The Powys Family and Dorset ~Buning: TFP's Reading in Retirement ~Baker: Mid-40s Memories of the Powys Family

Volume 8 (1980/1981) ::: After My Fashion (6 reviews) ~Humphreys: A Perpetual Curate ~Hodgson: On Reading Porius ~Jones: JCP's Literary Criticism ~Lane: JCP, Thomas Hardy and the Faces of Nature ~Johnson: The Powys Mother ~Roberts: Two Photos of JCP ~Gamel Woolsey to Alyse Gregory, letters 1930­57

Volume 9 (1981/1982) ::: JCP: "Author's Review" of Glastonbury ~Smith: The "Cave of the man-eating Mothers" in A Glastonbury Romance ~Lukacher: Cronos, Dostoievsky and the Language of Myth in A Glastonbury Romance ~Hodgson: JCP, A Glastonbury Romance and Spengler ~Thomas: Bond, Glastonbury and Gothic Architecture ~Foss: Llewelyn Powys: The Heart of Darkness ~Scutt: Theodore Powys, 1934­53 (1) ~Hall: The Old Man with the Praise

Volume 10 (1981/1982 (Spring 1982)) ::: Mitchell: Ray Garnett as Illustrator ~Williams: TFP: "all good books tell the same tale" ~Scutt: Theodore Powys (2) ~Marks: A. R. Powys ~Thomas: A. R. Powys and Building Repair (review article) ~Holt: Littleton Powys ~Littleton Powys: Llandovery 50 years ago ~Baker: JCP in Corwen

Volume 11 (1982/83) ::: Leary: Welsh Poem ~Smith: Freedom and Free Will in JCP's Early Novels ~JCP: Weymouth Sands ~Moran: Vision and Revision in Weymouth Sands ~Huxtable-Selly: Weymouth Sands ~Tombs: Women in Weymouth Sands ~JCP: James Joyce ~Schenkel: Hugo Kükelhaus and JCP ~Jones: Hardy's Letters

Volume 12 (1982/1983 (Spring 1983)) ::: Pouillard: Woman and Women in TFP's Novels ~Hughes: The Textual History of Maiden Castle ~Diffey: JCP and Thomas Hardy ~Swann: Thomas Hardy and the "Appetite for Joy" ~Lock: Confessions of Two Brothers (review article) ~Foss: The Confessions of a Diarist ~Woolsey, selection of letters to Llewelyn Powys ~Gregory,  letters to Mary Casey

Volume 13 (1983/1984) ::: Steinman: T. F. Powys and Tradition ~Parrinder: The Age of Fantasy ~Barrett: Romance and Naturalism in A Glastonbury Romance ~Head: Sublimity and Bathos in JCP's Major Novels ~Knight: JCP's "The Ridge" ~Hart: A Printer and a Powys ~Rogers: Recollections of a Montacute Boot Boy

Volume 14 (1984) ::: Llewelyn Powys: The Necrophilias ~Cavaliero: The Novels of Phyllis Paul ~Roberts: Words that Burn ~Southwick: JCP in America: The Letters to Marian ~JCP's letter to Marian on A. R. Powys's death ~L. A. Powys: A Poem for his Father ~Diffey: JCP's Imagination ~Letters from JCP to Hal and Violet Trovillion ~Kehr: visit to JCP, 1954 ~Italiaander: Award to JCP, 1957 ~Brothers: JCP on Acharnians ~JCP: The Acharnians ~Coupe: The Comic Vision of TFP

Volume 15 (1984/1985) ::: JCP: Llewelyn Powys, Writer ~Hughes: The Beginnings of Maiden Castle ~Rands: Maiden Castle: Symbol, Theme and Personality ~Blaen: Maiden Castle and the Celtic Calendar ~JCP: The Magic of Detachment; Egotism and Impersonality ~Goodway: The Politics of JCP ~Barbera: A Powys's Bridal Knight and Stevie Smith ~Gunnell: TFP in his Time

Volume 16 (1985) ::: Dunnet:  JCP in the 1890s ~Cavaliero: JCP: Space Traveller ~Rothman: 1929 review of Wolf Solent ~Roberts: Personality and the Philosophy of JCP ~Krissdóttir: Wilson Knight: "Master in Discernment" ~JCP: D. H. Lawrence

Volume 17 ( 1985) ::: Mathias: JCP and 'Wales" ~Style: On Hardy's Sacred Ground: Weymouth Sands ~Christensen: Middlemarch: A Point of Reference in Weymouth Sands ~Moran: Wood and Stone and Rodmoor ~Berry: G. Wilson Knight: His Life and Work

Volume 18 (1986) ::: Cavaliero: The Comic Spirit in the Novels and Fantasies of JCP ~Pennar: In Search of the Real Glendower ~JCP: Mordaunt Ap Gryfith ~Hughes: The Centre of JCP's Major Novels ~Rands: Rodmoor: Provenance and Direction ~Peltier: American Landscapes in JCP's Letters to Llewelyn ~JCP: Drought and the River Bed ~Diffey: A Visit to Mrs Lily Brooks, 1985 ~Blaen: The Wisht Hound Tradition and TFP's Mark Only

Volume 19 (1986) ::: Mitchell: The Education of TFP ~Ballin: Porius and the Dialectic of History ~Greenberg: Stone Worship and the Search for Community in A Glastonbury Romance ~Wilkinson: The Letters of Frances and Jack ~Davies: Recollections of JCP and Phyllis Playter (1)

Volume 20 (1987) ::: TFP: This is Thyself ~Rands: Topography of A Glastonbury Romance ~Woolf: Autobiography in the light of The Letters to his Brother Llewelyn ~Davies: Recollections of JCP and Phyllis Playter (2) ~Cavaliero, Wynne, Woolf: Lucy Amelia Penny, 1890­1986

Volume 21 (1987­1988) ::: Brown: R. S. Thomas's Prose ~Lock: Maiden Castle and the Violation of Form ~Christensen: History in The Brazen Head ~Fawkner: JCP and Ontotheology ~Jones: JCP in Mexico ~Dawson: Etchings and Sculptures suggested by Porius

Volume 22 (1988) ::: Wood: JCP's Welsh Mythology: Gods and Manias ~Keith: The Archaeological Background to Maiden Castle ~Smith: JCP's Early Unpublished Fiction (1) ~Littleton Powys to A. G. Prys-Jones, letters ~Foss: The Religion of an Atheist: The Dawn at Seaton ~Llewelyn Powys: The Dawn ~Wills: Problems of Ontology and Omnipotence in Mr. Weston's Good Wine ~Smith: Hilda Doolittle and Frances Gregg ~Kenneth Hopkins, a notice and a memoir

Volume 23 (1989) ::: Mitchell: TFP in East Anglia ~Lock: Weymouth Sands and the Matter of Representation ~Smith: JCP's Early Unpublished Fiction (2) ~Fawkner: Owen Glendower: Love at the Margins of Being ~Wilkinson: Louis Wilkinson

Volume 24 (1989) ::: Swift: The Influence of Genre Painting on the Work of JCP ~Rands: Walter Pater's Influence on JCP ~Smith: JCP's Dependent Women ~Hallett: Ramsgard to Blacksod: The Setting of Wolf Solent (1) ~Peltier: JCP [and TFP] in French ~Carroll: A Burpham Miscellany ~Casey: Lucy, Katie, Will: A Pattern of Memories ~Garlick et al: JCP: An Impression, Radio Programme, 1957

Volume 25 (1990) ::: Patterson: The Origins of JCP's Myrddin Wyllt ~Christensen: The Marriage of Myth and History in Porius ~Price: Repetitions: Weston and Pickwick~Fromm: The Letters of Dorothy Richardson and JCP ~Letters from JCP to James Hanley ~Hallett: Ramsgard to Blacksod (2) ~Rands: The Gateposts of Stalbridge Park ~Bellamy: The Powys Monuments

Volume 26 (1991) ::: Williams: Absence and Exile in Innocent Birds ~Rodman: Plotting Wolf Solent ~Nordius: On the Duplicity of Solitude in Wolf Solent ~Fawkner: Atlanticism: JCP and Mineralogy ~Verbeek: JCP: Tempting the Gods ~Rands: The Inmates, an Allegory  

The contents of the three later volumes not published for the Society are as follows:

Volume 27/28 (1992-93) ::: Mitchell: T. F. Powys, A Checklist of the drawings, paintings and photographic portraits ~ T. F. Powys: The White Spider ~ Hooker: Hardy, JCP and Wessex ~ Cusick: The Symbolism of JCP's Mandragora ~ Rands: The Topicality of A Glastonbuy Romance ~ Humfrey: John Cowper Powys and Huw Menai ~ JCP selected letters to Huw Menai ~ Littleton Alfred Powys, A talk between Kathleen Tranter and Susan Rands

Volume 29/30 (nd) ::: Gunther: JCP's Most Puzzling Novel ~ Christensen: Owen Glendower as Epic Historical Novel ~ Wilkinson & Wilkinson: JCP and Francis Gregg ~ Fawkner: The Mineralogical Microplatonism of JCP ~ Dowding: JCP's 'Six Precious Words' ~ Stinton: Chaldon Herring: A Place Apart ~ Leavis: The Significance of Father Adam and The Market Bell ~ Golightly: Gwyn Thomas's 'Duality' ~ Mighall: Llewelyn Powys and George Orwell

Volume 31/32 (nd) ::: Garlick: Four Poems on JCP ~ Boulter: JCP's [De]construction of Welsh Identity in Porius ~ Wood: Epilepsy and Ecstatic Experience in the Novels of JCP ~ Peltier: Powys and the Pleasures of Proust? ~ Rands: The Glastonbury Libel ~ Schenkel: Some Versions of Taoism in British and American Literature ~ JCP: 'The Occult Madonna'  

Often described as one of the great apocalyptic novels of our time, WOLF SOLENT is the story of a young man returning from London to work near to the school at which his father had been history master. Complex, romantic and humorous, it is a classicwork combining a close understanding of man's everyday experience with a delicate awareness of the spiritual.


John Cowper Powys

A Powys Society Meeting

Mr Weston's Good Wine is the unusual tale of the struggle between the forces of good and evil in a small Dorset village. Its action is limited to one winter's evening when Time stands still and the bitter-sweet gift of awareness falls upon a dozen memorable characters. During the book a child knocked down by his car is miraculously brought back to life; the sign 'Mr Weston's Good Wine' lights up the sky; and the villagers soon discover that the wine he sells is no ordinary wine.


T.F. Powys


Llewelyn Powys


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