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Several links to other websites with Powysian content
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COLLECTIONS  In addition to the Powys Society’s own Collection there are a number of other literary archives containing primary documents by the Powyses disbursed among both UK and USA institutions and university libraries. The Society's Hon. Secretary, Chris Thomas, has complied a meticulously researched and comprehensive Powys Webliography.

The following three links list Powys books currently available online:

John Cowper Powys Internet Archive

Theodore Powys Internet Archive

Llewelyn Powys Internet Archive

The National Library of Wales has a rich and extensive collection of his manuscripts, which includes literary drafts and correspondence.  It also holds a complete run of his diaries, from 1929 to 1961. Read John Cowper Powys's diary for 1939 on the Digital Mirror pages at the National Library of Wales


FABER FINDS, an imprint of Faber & Faber, has made eight of John Cowper Powys’s novels available again using print on-demand technology (Wood and Stone, Ducdame, Rodmoor, After My Fashion, Morwyn, Atlantis, The Brazen Head and The Inmates). Also included in the JCP reissue programme is Autobiography and three volumes of philosophy. Please click here for more information.

The Brynmill Press has issued several important previously unpublished works by T.F. Powys - 'Father Adam' (1990) - 'The Market Bell' (1991) - 'Mock’s Curse' (1995) - 'The Sixpenny Strumpet' (1997) - 'Selected Early Works' (2005) - as well as a memoir 'Cuckoo in The Powys Nest' by T.F.Powys's adopted daughter, Theodora Scutt, and 'T. F. POWYS Aspects of a Life' by J. Lawrence Mitchell.

The Sundial Press is an independent publisher with a programme of reprints of early-twentieth-century books with new introductions, including works by Alyse Gregory (Hester Craddock and King Log & Lady Lea), Llewelyn Powys (two volumes of Wessex Essays and CHRISTMAS LORE AND LEGEND Yuletide Essays), Theodore Powys (Unclay and Kindness in a Corner), Philippa Powys (The Blackthorn Winter and Sorrel Barn & The Tragedy of Budvale) and Littleton Powys (The Joy Of It) plus The Sailor's Return by David Garnett (with a previously omitted chapter and an Introduction by J. Lawrence Mitchell) and the previously unpublished Patterns on the Sand by Gamel Woolsey (with an Introduction by Barbara Ozieblo). More info here.

Cecil Woolf Publishers The Uniform Edition of the Collected Letters of John Cowper Powys and The Powys Heritage Monographs.

Jacqueline Peltier's A Powys Website. Includes a 'virtual visit' to Weymouth Sands, and pages on John Cowper Powys in America'.  Jacqueline is also the editor of la lettre powysienne issued in the spring and autumn of each year.

'Little Blue Books' The Haldeman-Julius series of "Little Blue Books" sported some 10 titles by John Cowper Powys, 2 titles by Llewelyn Powys, and a title translated from French by Phyllis Playter. A site of interest for Powysians and those who wish more in-depth information regarding Emanuel Haldeman-Julius and his Little Blue Books. Visit

Crescent Moon Publishing have issued six volumes of essays on John Cowper Powys:

Amorous Life: John Cowper Powys and the Manifestation of Affectivity by H.W. Fawkner

Rethinking Powys: Critical Essays on John Cowper Powys edited and introduced by Jeremy Robinson

Postmodern Powys by Joe Boulter  

Thomas Hardy and John Cowper Powys: Wessex Revisited by Jeremy Robinson

Sensualism and Mythology: The Wessex Novels of John Cowper Powys by Jeremy Robinson

The Ecstasies of John Cowper Powys by A.P. Seabright

The Derbyshire Powyses - Britain's most accomplished literary family. The Forgotten Roots of Britain's most accomplished Literary Family.

Richard Perceval Graves is the author of several acclaimed biographies, including The Brothers Powys and was Chairman of The Powys Society from 2001-2005. Here you will also find details of two Powys lectures especially suitable for VI-forms or Undergraduate Societies. 

The Swedish John Cowper Powys Society issues a regular bilingual newsletter, arranges a yearly seminar and  is administered by Olof Björner.

A review of A Philosophy of Solitude by John Cowper Powys. JCP's best non-fiction book?

"A completely new type of human being...Porius"

Part I: Historical fiction and the Anachronism of Consciousness

John Cowper Powys and Modern Consciousness

Part II: Porius and Pre-Modern Consciousness

The Wholeness of Self

The Self and the Not-Self


Part III: Porius and the Evolution of Modern Consciousness

Incident 1: The Cewri

Incident 2: Above the tree line

Incident 3: The Life Illusion

Read this fascinating article at The Lectern

The OSCHOLARS Library: An Electronic Journal for the Exchange of Information on Current Research, Publications and Productions concerning Oscar Wilde and His Worlds. Amongst the wealth of information on this fascinating site, you can read John Cowper Powys’s Introduction (“… our commercialised life has grown so monstrously ungracious.”) to Wilde’s The Soul of Man under Socialism.

The Chaldon Herring village website:

     A few BLOGS with Powysian interest

A review of MR TASKER’S GOD’S by Dr Kate Macdonald, Ghent University, on the Vulpes Libris website here:

A review of UNCLAY here:

Two reviews of Llewelyn Powys’ A STRUGGLE FOR LIFE
by John Vernon here
and Jeff Bursey here

The daemonic genius of John Cowper Powys An appraisal of A Glastonbury Romance "his astounding novel" by Paul Weston, author of Mysterium Artorius and speaker at the Powys Society's 2010 Conference.

The Imaginary Museum Who’s Afraid of John Cowper Powys? which you can visit here.

Descriptedlines  “Not without caution do I place my first step into John Cowper Powys’s town of Glastonbury.” Some thoughts on JCP's novel by Amber Paulen

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“In books dwell all the demons and all the angels of the human mind. It is for this reason that a bookshop — especially a second-hand bookshop / antiquarian — is an arsenal of explosives, an armoury of revolutions, an opium den of reaction.” — John Cowper Powys

“She would wish that far stranger weddings happened in the world than anything that she saw or heard of at Madder. She needed much more than plain Madder life to interest her — some events more like a proceeding that had happened in a book of fables that she had once read, where a little mouse wished to be joined in holy wedlock with a lioness, who, unluckily going out to meet her little dear before the wedding, chanced to set her foot upon him.” — T.F. Powys

 "No sight that the human eyes can look upon is more provocative of awe than is the night sky scattered thick with stars.” — Llewelyn Powys

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